About Us

Open Capital Advisors is a financial services and strategy consulting firm based in Nairobi that supports high-impact businesses, investors, and innovative solutions throughout East Africa. Our work enables sustainable businesses to plan their growth and raise capital while helping funders to allocate capital efficiently.

The Opportunity

  • East Africa holds tremendous potential for economic growth, driven by a new five-country Common Market
  • SMEs are a major driver of this growth and are also highly effective at achieving economic and social development
  • Investors in SMEs hold the unique opportunity to achieve both financial and social returns

The Challenge

  • SMEs often lack the pre-investment preparation they need to access capital, creating a bottleneck for growth (see The “Missing Middle”)
  • Investors in SMEs often lack the intermediary services necessary to efficiently deploy capital and optimally allocate risk

Open Capital Advisors provides the in-depth strategic advisory and financial structuring required by SMEs and investors to overcome these challenges.

For SMEs, our mission is to:

  • Help high-potential SMEs define and achieve growth goals
  • Prepare SMEs for different forms of capital raises, based on their unique requirements
  • Structure, negotiate, and close the most appropriate investments

Please see our Business Services

For Investors, our mission is to:

  • Support regional investment strategy including market research and fund structuring
  • Perform detailed due diligence on local targets
  • Provide strategic consulting for portfolio companies to support further growth

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For NGOs, our mission is to:

  • Provide strategic guidance and training to NGOs seeking to make mission-driven investments in East Africa
  • Develop new mechanisms to support sustainable enterprises, for example pre-investment due diligence facilities
  • Produce customized market data and research

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