We believe in the power of markets to create jobs, transform lives, and advance economies. We bring deep commercial expertise to development challenges, helping to design creative financing mechanisms, create new market linkages, improve fragmented value chains, and transition donor-financed projects to sustainable initiatives.

Our most common areas of support are to:

  • Design innovative market-based funds and solutions: We help our clients plan investment approaches, design financing vehicles, and create new financial products that blend social and financial return. Our approach combines financial expertise with operational experience, leading to outcomes that are ready for implementation. See our case studies for examples where we have designed unique funds for large institutions such as DFID, USAID, and IFC, as well as smaller impact investors including family offices and high net worth individuals.
  • Analyze and improve value chains: We work closely with SMEs, local corporates, and investors operating on the front lines of their markets. Using this experience, we help development partners identify intervention points, create more competitive value chains, link new markets, and develop clear implementation plans for our recommendations.
  • Transition to sustainability: We continue to support several foundations and NGOs as they spin off successful operations into stand-alone sustainable businesses. We leverage our expertise in commercial capacity building, strategic planning, and impact investing to offer a holistic service for these clients.

Selected Case Studies