What we look for in candidates

Open Capital Advisors offers a range of full-time opportunities for recent university graduates and experienced professionals. Successful candidates demonstrate analytical strength, comfort with ambiguity, a strong desire and willingness to learn, and effective teamwork. Our entry level hires have a strong academic record in any discipline, and a desire to work with businesses, investors, and development partners across sectors.

Our experienced hires typically have prior experience in consulting, finance, business or international development. We prefer candidates with work experience and a demonstrated interest in emerging markets.

Interview Process

All candidates are recruited through an intensive interview process. Our interviews include a mix of business cases and behavioral questions. There is a wide range of case preparation materials online, and we encourage candidates to review these in advance of their interviews.
If you would like to find out which role might be the best fit for you please see the detailed descriptions here.
Beyond our consulting team, Open Capital offers opportunities in internal operations and finance in the countries where we work. Candidates interested in these roles are recruited through a phone screen, performance tasks relevant to the position, and in-person interviews.

Recruiting Schedule
Analyst Hires Experienced Hires
Each year we welcome a new analyst class to our team. Applications for analyst positions are due in February and successful candidates will begin work in June. For Project Leader and Principal positions, Open Capital offers a rolling application process. New hires typically start in February and August each year, and are often hired 6-12 months in advance.

Our application cycle for the Business Analyst position is now closed. Thanks for all the interest!

To apply for our Senior Energy Advisor position in Kampala or the Recruiting Associate role in Nairobi, please apply here.

For Project Leader positions in Nairobi or Kampala, please apply by sending your CV (resume) and cover letter (indicating location preference) to:

[email protected]