A large Kenyan manufacturer of consumer goods was considering options to enter the Ethiopian market and expand their regional reach.

They hired our team to advise on market entry strategies including conducting diligence on strategic acquisition candidates.

Our Approach

  1. Reviewed market entry strategies and assessed various organic and strategic prospects
  2. Identified potential opportunities and evaluated potential acquisition candidates
  3. Conducted commercial and financial due diligence on the highest-potential target which included an on-the-ground, local market assessment, facility site visits, in-depth management meetings, and extensive document review
  4. Prepared due diligence memorandum which detailed the market and competitive landscape, company sourcing and manufacturing processes, distribution and sales functions, facilities review, organizational capabilities assessment, potential synergies, growth plan & financial deep-dive, opportunities & risks, and recommendations for further review


We helped our client develop an actionable market entry strategy, and delivered an extensive due diligence report on a strategic acquisition target that may lead to completion of a buy-side transaction in the near future.