An early-stage manufacturer and distributor of solar home systems based in Tanzania piloted their product and realized hundreds of initial sales to its target market at the Bottom of the Pyramid –the entrepreneurs realized they required a comprehensive growth strategy and market review before approaching the next round of investors to fund expansion in the region.

Our Approach

  1. Built deep understanding of business through multiple site visits and detailed review of financial and operational documents
  2. Developed operational model including sales, pricing, post-sales support, maintenance, and distribution strategies
  3. Developed HR model including hiring targets, commission and incentive structures, and key senior level hires
  4. Designed initial credit scoring mechanism to identify households qualified for financing
  5. Created financial projections to support growth strategy and determine business valuation and investor returns
  6. Raised several rounds of capital by approaching investors, assisting in due diligence, and preparing investor materials


We helped develop a clear, actionable growth strategy and raise several million dollars of capital across multiple rounds.

Our client is now one of the largest solar home system suppliers in Africa, reaching more than 100,000 households across the region.