An agribusiness situated in Western Uganda was evaluating growth options for its business model to impact and empower more women through cultivation of passion fruit.

Our team supported the client in defining a sustainable growth plan and raising capital to achieve the growth.

After this first round of support, the client faced challenges in estimating working capital needs and budgeting for the different business lines appropriately. We then helped the client build financial management and planning systems and processes to best utilize the investment capital for growth and scale.

Our approach

  1. Analyzed the client’s business processes and scale options in depth.
  2. Assessed scaling plans and strategies, and the financial implications of these in each of the client’s business lines.
  3. Built a financial model to incorporate the scaling options and growth strategy that made most financial sense and would lead to sustainability, and used the projection outcomes to accurately determine the amount of capital needed for scale.
  4. Developed a growth plan clearly outlining how each strategy will be implemented, the talent required and the market opportunity that allowed for such scale.
  5. Negotiated for capital raise with a set of impact investors after presenting the growth plan.
  6. Built capacity within client team to improve financial management systems and processes, and supported the refinement of the client’s budget tool.


We supported our client in identifying a clear growth trajectory and raised slightly over USD 300K in funding to support growth. We then helped the client better manage the capital raised for growth by generating more accurate budgets to allocate capital to the appropriate business lines.