A US family office was interested to invest in a Kenyan SME but struggled to gather sufficient information to complete a deal.

The company had 5 years’ track-record but had not documented its growth strategy nor implemented important systems and processes.

Our Approach

  1. Evaluated existing operations through site visits and many close interactions with company team
  2. Prepared ‘100 day’ plan to guide company on how to deploy the capital it would receive and prepare for rapid growth
  3. Completed detailed due diligence based on deep interactions with the company and strategy work, prepare full diligence memo
  4. Recommended deal structure and terms based on our market experience and due diligence findings, prepared quasi-equity deal structure and helped finalize term sheets


Based on our due diligence report, the family office completed an investment of $450k in the company, based on the recommended investment structure.

The business used this capital to pursue growth according to the post-investment plan we created, leading to an immediate improvement in systems & processes and alignment on growth objectives.