Governments face tight budgets and ever-expanding service needs from constituents. We bring a data-driven and commercially-minded approach, using rigorous analysis to help the public sector deliver services effectively and efficiently. We help answer key questions before governments commit scarce resources.  As part of our work, we strengthen public sector teams, building skills to drive implementation.

Our most common areas of support for public sector entities include:

  • Strategic planning: We support governments to identify, evaluate, and define key strategic priorities. For specific projects or objectives, we conduct in-depth feasibility studies to evaluate and compare a range of scenarios and outline concrete implementation plans for our recommendations.
  • Capital mobilization: We work closely with public sector partners to develop opportunities to scale local industries, create bankable investment opportunities, and mobilize various forms of capital including municipal finance.
  • Public-private partnerships: We have evaluated, structured, and negotiated dozens of PPP opportunities. For public sector bodies, we identify & assess potential public-private partnerships and evaluate projects to ensure appropriate incentives, sustainable design, and a successful close.

Selected Case Studies