Detailed, informed strategies are difficult to develop but are critical for success. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive, actionable strategies that create sustainable competitive advantage in the face of changing markets and growing competition.

Examples of our support include strategic planning; geographic, product, and service expansion; business unit strategy and portfolio optimization; revenue models and pricing; and partnership development.


The markets in which we work are expanding rapidly, providing local and international businesses with tremendous opportunity for growth. We work with our clients to prioritize initiatives, define growth plans, develop systems and processes required to support growth, and ensure adequate financing.

Examples of our growth solutions include new market entry; new product/service evaluation; revenue models and pricing; M&A strategy, execution, and integration; and capital raising support.

Market & Consumer Insights

Winning in African markets requires an in-depth understanding of your customer base. Given data constraints, this can be challenging. Building on our deep market knowledge, we help our clients understand and reach their customers, developing targeted sales & marketing approaches for each consumer segment.

Examples of our market & consumer insight solutions include market research, pricing analysis, marketing, distribution, salesforce effectiveness, and go-to-market/channel strategies.

Organization & Talent

Hiring, developing, and retaining top-quality talent at all levels is critical for enabling growth and ensuring success. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to attract and retain talent at all levels. Turnover creates significant expense and inefficiency but can often be improved by focusing on culture, employee skills development, and/or improved incentives. We work with organizations to develop and implement a comprehensive approach to talent from pre-hire planning to post-hire management.

Examples of our organization and talent solutions include organizational design, diagnostic/opportunity assessments, human capital evaluation, incentives and resource allocation, process and tool development, and management training design.


Scaling a business requires evaluating the costs and benefits of every financial and operational decision. We work with clients to improve finance functions, enable better data-driven decisions, and develop the tools and processes required to ensure growth.

Examples of our finance solutions include developing comprehensive financial projections and budgets, conducting analysis of business operations and capital needs, preparing business valuations, structuring and raising capital, and interim CFO support.


Businesses that achieve success do so on the back of operational efficiency, optimization, and innovation. Low-cost, pragmatic improvements across sourcing, production, distribution, sales & marketing, and internal management can create lasting competitive advantage. We work with clients to achieve these improvements, drawing on significant cross-sectoral experience.

Examples of our operations solutions include internal systems and processes, distribution, supply chain management and optimization, and cost efficiencies.