Over the past 15 years, one of the world’s largest health NGOs has built a network of more than 800 low-cost clinics across East Africa to deliver products and services in their communities ranging from family planning to HIV/AIDs, mother & child health, and beyond.

This franchise network provided significant support to members, beyond the donor programs implemented. As a result, the NGO parent thought there could be an opportunity to spin out the network as a new social enterprise.

Our Approach

  1. Surveyed providers across 4 countries through 1-1 and focus group interviews to understand priorities, challenges, and improvements
  2. Defined a value proposition to provide holistic support along 8 pillars including medical & business support
  3. Recommended an operational model including services, pricing, staffing, inventory and ops by comparing & tailoring international models
  4. Created financial projections to quantify the network’s roll-out strategy, estimate time to break even, and justify investment need
  5. Developed implementation plan to prioritize activities during transition and supported senior leaders through project management


Despite initial misgivings on the NGO’s ability to spin out a social enterprise, our work created buy-in and excitement across all levels of the team. Our recommendations and local research demonstrated a strong need for business support from the franchise network and created a viable model to test in implementation.

Our client is now building new skills across the team to execute the spin-out and ensure success in this new commercial environment.