Despite strong and growing interest in impact investing in Sub-Saharan Africa, there was little existing research on impact investing markets at a country level. To address this information gap, we were engaged by UKAID and the Global Impact Investor Network (the GIIN) to prepare and publish two landmark studies on the impact investing landscape across 11 countries in East Africa and 12 countries in Southern Africa. Our goal was to identify all relevant players, their activity to-date and capacities, market trends, broader ecosystem development, and the key challenges and opportunities in the impact investing landscape.

Our Approach

  1. Interviewed over 100 impact investment ecosystem players, including local and international impact investors, development finance institutions (DFIs), social enterprises, and government institutions.
  2. Researched existing deal databases of all known impact investment deals in East and Southern Africa.
  3. Examined publicly available investor documents, organizational websites and press releases tocompile a comprehensive database of impact investing activity across all 23 focus countries in East and Southern Africa.
  4. Distilled insights on impact investing activities and trends, including fund sizes, deal sizes, and focus sectors.
  5. Drafted landscape reports summarizing insights into market trends, key gaps and challenges facing the sector, potential opportunities, and the perspectives of each type of market player in the impact investing ecosystem in East and Southern Africa.


Open Capital Advisors and GIIN published the two reports, The Landscape for Impact Investing in East Africa and The Landscape for Impact Investing in Southern Africa, which are now publicly available at: and