Career Path & Roles

At Open Capital, you will work across industries to support the most innovative companies and influential organizations in Africa. All our staff – from Business Analysts to Partners – work closely with Open Capital teams and clients to deliver unique, impactful solutions to difficult challenges.

Throughout your Open Capital career, you will have the opportunity to drive thinking on complex challenges and to contribute meaningfully to our work. As your tenure grows, you will take on increasing responsibility for coaching and mentorship, business development, and the strategic direction of the firm.

Business Analyst

Our Business Analyst program is designed for recent graduates. We expect a minimum two year commitment to fully immerse yourself in the work we do, preparing you for careers at Open Capital or other prestigious organizations throughout the world.

As a Business Analyst, you will be fully integrated into our teams from day one, working across industries and client types. You will have direct responsibility for project outputs and analyses, contribute to developing client recommendations, and engage directly with entrepreneurs, investors, and major international organizations. You will have the opportunity to contribute to Open Capital through recruiting, training, and business development.

We provide comprehensive training and mentorship to all of our Business Analysts, allowing you to grow, develop, and take on accelerated leadership and responsibility. Your journey begins with two weeks of dedicated training, followed by close mentorship and apprenticeship as you learn the craft of business management and consulting from the ground up.


As an Associate, you will take on increasingly complex elements of project work and increasingly senior client relationships. You will begin to manage junior staff on your projects, helping to guide their work and coaching them to develop key technical skills. While you will work across industries and client types, you may begin to develop industry specialization as your tenure increases. You will have the opportunity to contribute directly to Open Capital by participating actively in business development and internal initiatives.

We support your ongoing development through mentorship, coaching, and a range of advanced comprehensive trainings including advanced modeling, communication, and management.

Open Capital’s Associates are often promoted internally from our Business Analyst program and are occasionally hired directly after obtaining at least three years of relevant experience elsewhere.

Project Leader

As a Project Leader, you will take full ownership of client engagements, working with multiple clients simultaneously. This includes mentoring and managing a team of Business Analysts and Senior Analysts, building relationships within your client teams, and taking responsibility for final deliverables. You will participate actively in driving both business development and internal initiatives, and where desired, you will have the opportunity to develop both industry-specific and functional specialization.

The role provides an excellent opportunity to develop advanced finance and consulting skills, as well as extensive training and coaching on people and project management.

Open Capital’s Project Leaders are promoted internally from our Senior Analyst program and hired directly after obtaining relevant management experience elsewhere.


As a Principal, you will manage teams across many projects. You will be responsible not only for driving thinking and providing oversight, but also for coaching and developing Project Leaders while managing and deepening client relationships. Though our Principals work across industries, you will have the opportunity to build specific expertise in a particular industry or functional area, becoming a thought leader within Open Capital and the broader community.

You will be directly responsible for contributing to Open Capital’s growth as a business, leading client development, proposal processes, and creating opportunities in new markets. You will help lead and shape internal initiatives and firm strategy together with Open Capital’s Partners & Directors.

Open Capital’s Principals are typically promoted internally as top performing Project Leaders.

Learning & Development

At Open Capital, we know our value comes from our people. We invest heavily in our team’s learning and development, building leaders with the diverse skillset central to our work – and highly transferrable beyond. We rely on a combination of formal training and ongoing coaching, mentorship, and apprenticeship, ensuring that every experience at Open Capital is a learning opportunity.

Your career at Open Capital begins with an intensive on-boarding and initial training. For our incoming Analysts, this comprises a two-week program that introduces and builds core skills, using a client case study to help you put theory immediately into practice. For Project Leaders and Principals, we run a three-day training to help you translate your technical and managerial competency to Open Capital, and introduce you to our work.

Your learning continues with structured trainings throughout your career.  These interactive, hands-on sessions help you to continuously enhance your skills in problem solving, communication, financial analysis, and project & people management, among others.

Throughout, you receive active mentorship and coaching from all members of the Open Capital Team, ranging from regular meetings with your Career Mentor to informal feedback from project team members.