One of most experienced ICT-focused venture capital firms in East Africa hired us to conduct a market landscape of opportunities within ICT.

The fund was seeking to increase its activities and investments in the sector and requested our research and advice around market trends, key players, and specific thematic opportunities.

Our Approach

  1. Conducted secondary market research to understand the latest trends, identify key market players, compile most important questions
  2. Performed extensive market interviews to validate initial findings, assess business needs and other investor activity, and profile opportunities
  3. Mapped opportunities based on >30 interviews with CEO-level contacts, created map of opportunities by theme and sector
  4. Created final report & recommendations which translated findings and analysis into strategic recommendations for the fund on its expansion and investment approach


Our report, based on over 30 market consultations, developed clear recommendations and opportunities for the fund which used these themes to raise additional capital and deploy more investments.

This work was formed the basis for an extended relationship with the fund to help conduct due diligence on potential investees and support portfolio companies.