A Ugandan-based poultry vaccine company was the first to develop a locally manufactured thermostable vaccine technology that could be transported and stored with limited refrigeration, increasing accessibility and affordability for rural smallholder farmers.

The company wanted to scale up its operations and needed support in streamlining current operations across finance, human resource, sales and distribution and eventually developing a detailed operational plan to support growth across Uganda and other COMESA countries.

Our Approach

  1. Assessed the current state of the company’s operational processes, controls and systems to identify gaps and areas of improvement
  2. Designed improved operational processes, controls and systems that included templates and dashboards that could be used to collect and manage financial, production, and distribution & sales data
  3. Developed a detailed operational plan for each core area of operations including production, sales, distribution and team to implement and manage growth of operations
  4. Developed a 10-year financial projection model to test different growth scenarios and assess the impact of the company’s growth plans on its profitability, cash flow and future capital needs


The client has begun implementing our recommended operational improvements and new systems, and is leveraging the financial model and operational plan that we prepared in capital raise conversations with multiple international investors. The client as well as potential investors are also utilizing the financial projection model to assess risks and conduct sensitivity analyses for different growth scenarios.